As even the least concerned sports person in this country and the world knows, March Madness is taking over our media, all of our media.

What you may or may not know that is a well know fact to what must be a very small group of diehard college basketball fans?

It is also March Madness for the Women’s college basketball teams!

Try finding anything about this in the media?

After all it is only the women! 😦

Tonight 03/23/14

UCONN Women 34-0,

take their record and play Prairie View A&M University ‘Panthers’, college women in Storrs, Conn. 8:00 p.m.

I never watch


One hint for you.

A few really caring pro athletes spend their time and money giving back.

Try to find a way with picture for your free site to pay respect to those athletes!

You want anything from the NBA, you better have a very large wallet, not the players, I am speaking about, the NBA!

We sports fans are watching the NCAA men and as I have noticed through-out the years, the men (young adults) play just to look good for the pro scouts.

The women (young adults) play and play hard from the starting buzzer to the last and play to win each game and they do not care who is watching!

Their games are late in the day and on weekends, usually Sunday, in order to not interfere with the men’s game, WHY?

Tell me, as a sports fan, a true sports fan, which game would you believe to be more exciting and see much better sport?

As a Floridian transplant, I enjoy Billy Donovan masterminding his games with so many pro prospects.

As a lifelong Connecticut Yankee, I love to watch the


Little Italian Miracle worker (Geno Auriemma – Head Coach UCONN Women) and the way every young adult play so hard each game just to stay out of his doghouse. 🙂


Also watching (Chris Dailey – Associate Head Coach) holding on for dear life to keep his out of foul trouble. 🙂


What About Coach Pat Summit?


I always like Kevin Ollie as a player and respect him as UCONN men’s coach.

Former UConn coach Jim Calhoun


Coach Billy Donovan Gators

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