This is true Basketball at its finest

I will be getting many closet followers out to give me their opinion on this one.

But wait, let me explain.

Forget the teams, the score and that it is the Elite-8.

This has very little to do with my posting.

I just want you to look at the picture for a few moments?


‘Mr. Will Yeguete #15’ will never make the big bucks, sell cars or be in movies and will not ever become a ‘Stupid Man’!

However, every manager in the NBA is licking their chops at a chance to land him on their team.

Not just Will Yeguete, every player like him, because without players like him doing the down and dirty work in the trenches, we would not have a King James, Shack or a Superman!

When I was a youngster, “yes they had basketball way back then”, I played this position in high school, of course, Will Yeguete is a thousand times better than I ever was.

I would just like to show good play and players often missed in games, someone must do the job for the team.

A little side note, take an enjoyable couple of hour’s and watch women’s college basketball?

Just about every player on any good team, plays every second just like Mr. Will Yeguete!

I say Mr. Will Yeguete because it takes a man to hook up against taller, stronger, and come out with the ball and/or the basket time and time again.

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