Splitting the atom has joined the start-up scene.

I like what I hear and what I see however, the proof is still in the pudding, as the saying goes, for now?

This company claims that it can re-use ‘Spent Fuel Rods’ in smaller modern, updated energy plant.

Remember older postings of mine, I stated back in the late 60’s and the 70’s that I was one of the adamant protesters of the new, at that time, Nuclear power plants, Millstone 1, 2, 3, and also knowing that we were one mile past the magic line for radiation of 11 miles, so if it leaked we would not have qualify for the antidote!

I get even madder knowing the ‘Spent Fuel Rods’ are collected from every nuclear power plant in the world at about a four-year clip!

That means that about every 4 years thousands of spent fuel rods must be stored someplace safe, when in reality there is no safe place, and stored for from hundred thousand to millions of years, per rod!

So I am reading the following and keeping an eye on the progress, because the idea is a good one, ‘if’ they can safely remove the fuel from the spent rod!

Start-ups fuel boom in small-scale nuclear power


A new wave of nuclear scientists aims to build small-scale reactors that provide carbon-free power more cheaply and safely than today’s huge power plants

Energy, Technology, & Policy

The Future of Nuclear Waste in the US


Transatomic Power


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