Say it’s not so, Wal-Mart might have to compete

China Factories Face New Challenge as Growth Slows

Factories that had thrived by using cheap migrant labor to churn out inexpensive clothing, electronics and toys for export now face changing government priorities as a growth engine based on investment and trade loses its momentum after more than a decade of double-digit expansion.

At the same time, China’s labor costs are rising and global demand is still weak, putting pressure on manufacturers to move into more advanced production, consolidate into bigger entities or shift to cheaper inland regions to survive.

What will Wal*Mart do now?–finance.html

Say it’s not so, Wal-Mart might now need to compete with good quality ‘Union Made’ products that last more than a few months before self destruction.

Tools that do not break while you are using them for the first time?

Can you imagine, a garden hose that last for over a year?

Pet Food that you can trust?

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