Experts back U.S. oil, gas exports increase

OK I realize that I am not one of those “EXPERTS” in fact, just who are these ‘experts’?

Are they anything like this political Poll we keep hearing about but no one is ever called?

Maybe they are the ones that just got off the latest UFO.

I am no genius, as my followers will attest but, it would seem to me that at just under $4.00 a gallon, when gas was between $1.35 to $1.37 when I moved to Florida, by keeping the product at home and lowering the prices back a few years this will stimulate the economy much quicker, will make real job growth than having the “Experts”sell the product to the highest bidder over sea’s then sell it back to us?

To allow more exports of U.S. oil and natural gas has become a matter of political debate in Washington.

However, to economists, the answer is clear: The nation would benefit.

As domestic energy production has boomed, drilling companies have pushed to be allowed to sell crude oil and natural gas overseas, where they can command higher prices.

Such exports are restricted by decades-old energy security regulations.

The vast majority of economists surveyed this month by The Associated Press, say lifting restrictions on exports of oil and natural gas would help the economy even if it meant higher fuel prices for consumers.

Did you see that

“Even if it means higher fuel prices for consumers?”

How much money was these “EXPERTS” paid to take this surveyed and can I get in on the take?

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