LA California Oil Spill

Pipeline ruptures spewing 50,000 gallons of crude oil in L.A.

L.A California just had a taste of what I have been dealing with for almost 40 years.

Remember my past post

Kerosene made from CO2 and water

First, the fuel company pumps out this caustic mud called crude.

(like the Keystone pipe line garbage),

 They refine it to a #6 fuel, to #4 fuel, to #2 fuel to #1 fuel (kerosene) to diesel fuel, to gasoline.

Well the crude oil spill in California is a mixture between the Keystone crude and the next caustic crude down before Number 6 crude oil.

People are asking, “with all of the fuel pipelines running up, down, east and west all over this country, how many are leaking”?

I am not an expert however, with 40 years in the business cleaning up this mess I would say.

My best guess would be, to some point all of them, it is only a matter of time before many more of those pipes already moving this caustic, polluting, mud called crude will be leaking as bad if not a whole lot worse than this latest one in L.A.

Clean up of the crude oil spill in the Atwater Village neighborhood on Thursday.


(Photo: LA Fire Department)

The below map shows Route 5 and Route 134, it also shows a blue line?

Know what I believe the Blue line is?

LA California Aqueduct water for the city.


The area of the burst pipeline. (Google Maps

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