Schools work to help transgender students fit in

Is it really the time to be talking about this subject?


It is actually way past time!

Kansas high school Missouri got it right.

Although I have no interest in becoming a female, mainly because I really enjoy looking at and treating my female friends with, what I believer to be, the respect that they deserve plus there is no way I’m doing the baby out of the body thing, men never will and do not want to, HELP!

I also do not enjoy looking at men, at all.

OK, that said, am I right or is a Transgender right?

Am I wrong, or is a Transgender wrong?

Think that I will go with door number three, it is none of my business just as it is none of my business what the neighboring families are doing!

Many blessing from Kiehtan to Isaac and Jasen may they always enjoy the future without my butting in!


In this April 23, 2014 photo, transgender high school students Isaac Barnett, right, and his prom date, identified only by his first name Jasen, get ready to take photos after picking up their tuxedos for prom in Kansas City, Mo.

The seniors, both born as females, are open about their transgender status in their schools and say friends, teachers and administrators have been much more supportive than they expected. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)


Isaac Barnett took a bold step last year:

He told teachers and classmates at his Kansas high school

that the student they had known as a girl now wanted to be accepted as a boy.

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