Thank you Mr. President

The FAA in September reported that its new system documented 4,394 instances nationwide when planes came closer than allowed by federal regulations.

One of the major reasons why so many planes are hitting or coming close to and a reason why all of our automobiles are breaking down all over this country is, Big Business has no one to answer too while hiring and firing their employees!

Good workers wanting better benefits and higher wages or Whistleblowers are systematically fired and newer un-trained are directing our planes and building our cars or forcing us to buy outside of this country.

Thank-you President Ronald Reagan.

Let our people once again Unionize!

President Ronald Reagan confrontation with the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, or Patco, is still being felt to this day, check the close calls as you fly.

Two airplanes came too close to one another while attempting to land at a Detroit airport. Another close call in the sky this time over George Bush Intercontinental Airport in north Houston.

Two United international flights at one point came within 400 feet of each other while both were taking off.

Close Call at Newark airport a near collision brought two planes within 130 yards of one another.

Close Call at JFK Airport:

Planes Clip Each Other on Tarmac.

More than half a dozen jet collisions occurred in last two years.

By undermined the bargaining power of American workers and their labor unions.

It also polarized our politics in ways that prevent us from addressing the root of our economic troubles:

the continuing stagnation of incomes despite rising corporate profits and worker productivity. Yet three decades later, with the economy shrinking or stagnant for nearly four years now and Reagan’s party moving even further to the right than where he stood, the long-term costs of his destruction of the union loom ever larger.

It is clear now that the fallout from the strike has hurt workers and distorted our politics in ways Reagan himself did not advocate.

Reagan’s unprecedented dismissal of skilled strikers encouraged private employers to do likewise.

Phelps Dodge and International Paper were among the companies that imitated Reagan by replacing strikers rather than negotiating with them. Many other employers followed suit.

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