Remembering father on Memorial day

This ones for you Dad.



My father ‘Shechaim Ohjieshan Zeak’ helped to remind me about another group of un-sung hero’s.


Dad and me on the old homestead in Uncasvillage

I’m the little guy?  🙂

The people who wanted to fight for the country but for one reason or another could not.

I am not writing about the ones that parents bought their way around the draft, I am writing you about a ‘for instance’ this day.

The many that could not serve and the ones the did serve only before or after a war, believe it or not there are a few times that we were not at war?

They are also our hero’s.

My dad worked at the United States Submarine Base in New London/Groton Connecticut from the age of 16.

The story as told by my elders goes, at 18 or 19? Shechaim Ohjieshan Zeak enlisted at the New London Post office to the United States Navy, the next day while waiting for his orders to Submarine school, at work on the base, he stopped a run a way torpedo from crushing a sailor while they were loading a boat for sea.

Submarines are called boats not ships?

As my mother told the story, it would seem that while loading a torpedo, a clip holding the chains broke sending the torpedo sliding loose at an unsuspecting seamen.

As my dad pushed the seamen out of harm’s way the torpedo clipped him and broke three of his ribs, thus ending his chances of joining the service, the navy wanted him on the job and made him the crew boss, but he never recovered from not being at sea in one of our Submarine.

As Donna (tahtonka) said.

I Love You Dad!

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