Is this what our country is to be calling our alternative energy of the future?

How high can we stack this waste radiation before they crush each other and/or the radiation leaks out, because it will leak out.

I moved from Uncasvillage to get away from this disaster bound to happen.

However, soon there will be no place to hide because of nuclear plants also in Florida and all over the world!

God help America and the world because, nuclear clean safe fuel is the biggest oxymoron that I have ever heard in my life time!

It is not clean, it is not safe and it is not alternative energy, it is extremely poisonous unstable, dangerous, radiation.


Who is making the big bucks for this brainy idea and how many lobbyist are paying how many government officials to hide this horrendous joke?

Please stop this madness and let’s get off this Merry-go-round while the getting is still possible?

US plants prepare long-term nuclear waste storage

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