Somebody has to like the VA best?

Well I do.

Remember that after the Cardiologist and I use the term loosely because he had a school kid do the actual operation and a massive chip on those little shoulders, lets not forget the abuse from the Anesthesiologist, before and while in the operating room, in the Gainesville VA Florida that botched my Biventricular Defibrillator Pacemaker operation and that it took three years and a lot of phone call, a little begging in-between, to get to the very best VA Hospital I have been in so far, the VA Hospital in Tampa, Florida.

What a major difference from Gainesville.




I also want my followers to know that I have been to too many hospitals outside of the VA and three VA Hospitals (did not go to the VA hospital while in Connecticut) because of the old ticker and all in all the VA men, women and the hospital’s wins hands down!

From the time I pull into the parking lot until I pull out of the parking lot I have been treated in each hospital like close family, still not very impressed with the doctors, however the rest of the VA hospital on a scale from 1 to 10 gets a 20 and I am talking New London, Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa, The VA in Leesburg gets the 10 plus.

The doctors in the VA Tampa get 99.99!

When was the last time any of my VA brothers and sisters needed to go to an Emergency room at an outside hospital?

It is just me?

I doubt it.

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