Best kept secret in Florida

Maybe I should not be writing about this place because if too many people learn about it we may find it harder to get the best places while on our mini vacations.

Oh Well.

If you live in a cement town, city or state and are planning on coming to a cement hotel/motel where, if you throw enough money at them, you might even be served breakfast in bed, this is not the place for you.

If you live in a cement town, city or state and wish to pay to drive on a beach dodging beach goes, this is not the place for you.

If you wish to sunbath or swim while playing dodge the cars, jellyfish, rip currents and sharks, this is not the place for you.

If you wish to vacation in a cement city with wall to wall traffic and a tourist trap mentality, this is not the place for you.

If you wish to stay in a motel looking at a cement wall and not the ocean,’ this is a place for you’.

If you wish to stay in a hotel/motel with a view of the ocean, bring your pocketbook.

However, if you do wish to visit a pet friendly, laidback town with friendly people, good food, a cool ocean breeze, ocean view, clean well kept rooms, fun in the sun, ocean and walking and ‘talking to your spouse for once’ instead of ‘talking at your spouse as per usual, no phone, no internet, although you could have internet (WI-Fi) and your cell phone if you wish however, why be on vacation?

I was swimming with a family of dolphins, many Pelicans an little fish and not one jellyfish, shark and no Rip Current.

You might be able to see this by the wet bathing suit?


Come spend a vacation with Breanna, Tahtonka and Shechaim Ohjieshan when next we go, or why wait?

Mind you, we have not been to, or tried every restaurant and shop and will report after each visit.

OK then.

Java Joint

Our opinion, but what do we know, the best place in Florida to eat and watch everything on going in, on and around the ocean, good pricing, great food, a drawback, it is closed on Tuesdays and Hump day (Wednesday).

Next best, in our opinion,

Ocean Side

Open everyday that we were on vacation.

We both enjoyed our breakfast and a very pet friendly, people friendly spot for Breanna to be loved on.

Fuego Del Mar Cantina & Grill

A newer place although he also has his first place around the corner, a few kinks still need to be worked out with the people and a little pricy however, good Mexican food by a 3rd generation Californian, pet friendly 1st flood outside, 2nd floor for eating while enjoying the ocean view, inside dining if one wishes?

We enjoyed each of our visits, the food and the people?

A1A Burrito Works, his other place.

The other place if you just want the good food better pricing?

Kokomo’s Cafe 202 S. Central, Flagler Beach, FL

Get there early, if not well worth the wait?

Waffle Cone ice cream

Good people, great ice cream, cash only!

Ocean Front Motel

The sign on their building states Beach Front Motel, it also states WI-Fi, which is not true even though everyone there still tells you that it is?

We truly enjoyed the room, the view, our cleaning service person, the manager on our last two days, just wondering why everyone else still states WI-Fi ?

I did not go on vacation to be on the computer or why go, however I would have likes to show some of the photos on Face Book?

Still “Why the lie’s”?

I do not like lies.

The restaurant next door is not pet friendly in a pet friendly town, if Breanna is not welcome, my money is not welcome so it is anybody’s guess as to what happened to their menu, also closed on Tuesday and Wednesday by the way.

All in all a great mini vacation.

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