Iraq, the Bush Family War


Iraq is the second longest war for this country, we lost many brave men and women, spent un-told billions of dollars, fighting for, with and in training of the Iraq solders, only to watch them, once again drop their weapons and run, like the cowards they are!

Not only should we never put boots on the ground for this selfish, lazy country, we must pick up all of our boots and never return!

Air support only if other countries around Iraq join it to end once and for all the Taliban hoodlums!

Obama: Iraq needs U.S., international help as ISIS threatens to seize more cities

If we are forced to again put boots on the ground, we must have it our way and not stop until we reach the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, Turkey and Asia, in no particular order!

If one must go to war, then lets finish the war?

Keep the politician out on vacation, the only place that they are any good it.

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