Let’s see if this is right

Legislature makes final redistricting argument


A coalition of voting-rights groups failed to prove during a recent trial that congressional districts drawn by lawmakers in 2012 violated constitutional standards for redistricting, according to a filing by attorneys for the Legislature.


Let’s see if this is right still we?

The controlling party moved all of the minority votes around all over the state so that they are now in areas already over drawn and moved voters from the controlling party into their space so that, the minority party can never win an election!

Is this what a “FREE COUNTRY” is all about?

I believe that this is what has always been done by controlling countries in the past history of the world.

The Caesar’s, the Nazis, the Czars, Alexander the Great, Mussolini and the rest of the controlling animals did to their citizens in time past!

Stick them in their cages and milk them for as long as you can.

Still think that this is right?

This is the United States of America people and it is about time we forced Florida into joining the rest of humanity!

A connection between the two could prove that the districts violated the Fair Districts amendments, which were approved by voters in 2010 and bar lawmakers from drawing lines intended to hurt or harm political parties and candidates.

Leon County Circuit Judge Terry Lewis is weighing the challenge to the congressional districts, the first under the 2010 amendments. Lewis is expected to rule on the case sometime this summer, with appeals almost certain to follow.

The final decision on the congressional map will likely be made by the Florida Supreme Court.

Well this is encouraging, we are ending up placing our lives in our Florida Judicial system, the same system constantly letting known criminals free to carry on with crime!

I feel better already, how about you?

Lawyers for the Legislature also argued that the plaintiffs misrepresented some communications and meetings between political consultants and legislative staff, none of which proves that Republican operatives were able to influence the final plan.


“To accept plaintiffs’ argument, this court would have to find that every single witness, including two speakers of the House of Representatives, a president of the Senate, and the legislative staff that drew the maps, lied under oath about their activities related to the drawing of the congressional map,” it says.

Now, everyone knows that


So, how did that taste coming out of my mouth,


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