The extremely endangered Florida Panther!

Ethics Be Dammed

Gov. Scott’s Links to Oil Driller Provide Fodder for Critics

So you do not like my comments about our governor?

Well how about this one?

Remember we have not as yet talked about the last place left in the whole state for the extremely endangered Florida Panther!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Florida we’re running out of natural resources as it is, with development unchecked and regulations out the window thanks to “free market” Republicans and a governor who does the bidding of big corporate donors at Floridians’ expense. So just when you think there’s nothing left to squander, the Florida legislature finds another way to “squeeze” out a profit at the public’s expense. Literally.


Gov. Rick Scott’s six-figure stake in a French energy company is angering environmentalists because the firm is involved in oil drilling in Collier County, near the Everglades.

Scott and the Cabinet oversee the Department of Environmental Protection, which regulates oil drilling in Florida, and Scott has invested in businesses that could be regulated by DEP and other state agencies.

So, being in charge we can by-pass every company not only in the state but ever every company in the whole United States of America and no one can stop it!

Crime is crime is crime!

Governor Rich Scotts put this company into his blind trust Schlumberger Ltd.

Scott owns $135,343 in its stock, 1600 shares and this is one of the companies working next to the Everglades.

The governor is also the only one to use a Blind Trust and now we know at least one of the reasons why!

He also has these amount the many other in blind trust,

Rock Energy

Sandridge Mississippi Trust

Southwestern Energy Company

Transatlantic Petroleum Ltd

Ultra Petroleum Corp

10 permits for oil and gas exploration, 7 to Dan A. Hughes company, by the department of environmental protection agency in Collier County.

Scott and the three elected Cabinet members jointly oversee DEP.

Just try to imagine the devastation this could add to the hazard of sinkholes?

Now the Florida legislature wants to bring Fracking to our state even though past efforts have failed. Even worse, one place they want to allow it to go on, unchecked? The Everglades.

Two Fracking bills are now being proposed by Rep. Ray Rodrigues (R-Estero)

HB 71 directs the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to create an online database of Fracking chemicals but prohibits DEP from asking about chemical concentrations.

HB 157 would exempt “trade secrets” relating to Fracking from being disclosed as part of Florida’s public records requirements. Florida’s Constitution requires a two-thirds vote for final passage for public records exemptions like this.

Governor Rich Scotts mansion in it Collies Florida

 Asked if he supports drilling in a county where he owns a $9.2 million home, Scott did not directly answer. He said: “You’ll have to talk to DEP.”

To avoid conflicts, Scott put his wealth in a blind trust three years ago, and an advisor is assigned to manage Scott’s money without his knowledge.

“I put everything in a blind trust, so I don’t know what’s in the blind trust,” Scott said last week.

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