Who to vote for?

Who to vote for in the coming elections is really hard, if you care about the outcome of the state and/or country instead of just pushing a party platform to show the world that you voted?

Or you just vote with hate in your heart?

Because, as Dr. House is famous for saying,


I do have a sure-fire tip for the undecided.

Look at who or what is doing the most donation of money, not their time, the amount of money and how often.


Because next, check out the character of the donator.

Many people give money because they can, many give as much as they can to their favorite candidate and still others give more than the rest to help protect their interests!

This last group is the one I question, because it is the easiest group to figure out, if you know what I mean?

I truly believe that no one, including this writer, should ever vote straight along party lines, unless in good conscience, this is their best bet out of what they have to choose from, for town, city, state and country?

For now, I give you one for instance.

You can also bet that there will be more.

Villages developer Morse funnels funds to Scott campaign


Remembering in the not too distant past, this person will even crush friends if they get in the way of him and more money!

The wall blocking seniors in their carts from the village?


Despite a maximum contribution limit of $3,000 per donor, H. Gary Morse gave Gov. Rick Scott nearly $70,000 on May 29 — by way of about two dozen companies connected to the wealthy developer of The Villages.

According to the Florida Division of Elections and the State Division of Corporations, Scott received $3,000 donations from.

Dr. House is famous for saying,



Is building in the state of Florida on the land belonging to Florida citizens legal while using only companies you chose and not the best from the area that you are building in?

I only ask because I am wondering if any more short cuts are involved with this house building besides, no lighten arrester?


Who can control the wasting of our water in times of need for the state while driving around ‘his village’ seeing all of the streets being watered?

Unfortunately, he is just one of the thousands buying elections while brain washing the public with half-truth ads!

Dr. House is famous for saying,


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