Hillary Clinton world-class troublemaker

Gina Barreca: Hillary Clinton — world-class troublemaker

If you will not listen to me, can you listen to a College Professor, even if the professor is a female?

Gina Barreca is an English professor at the University of Connecticut, a feminist scholar who has written eight books, and a columnist for the Hartford Courant. She can be reached through her website, www.ginabarreca.com.

I have not nor will I ever claim to understand women from age 1 day to whatever, this from a man that grew up in a Matriarch society.

What I may have learned, with the permission of my elders, family and friends (females only), is that whenever the time arises and a couple show up, all of the women are not looking first at you men, they are checking out the competition!

This I fear is going to be the problem at voting booths because of a female, no matter the fact that she will be the best qualified on the ticket.

“Will women in this day and age of so much corruption for so many years from male domination, not vote for a women?

Will women vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Put it this way:

Will women voters be more critical of Hillary Clinton because of her gender or will women be more enthusiastic?

Clinton stands at the summit of her career, offering the vision, wisdom and perspective that can be gained only by making the kind of journey she’s made through national and international landscapes. Fearlessly attempting to untangle the knotted destinies of warring nations and irreconcilable enemies, she’s displayed unflinching leadership”.

‘Vladimir Putin inadvertently awarded Clinton high praise indeed when he sniffed’, “It’s better not to argue with women.” “Every woman, in every country and throughout history, who has ever won an argument, small or large, has heard that line from the loser.

Can we put Grandma in the White House?

Grandma-to-be Clinton looked good on the cover of People magazine.

The interview is chatty and personal. All the pictures are flattering:

Clinton is surrounded by a loving family, posing casually with a cute dog on her lap, and her neck is circled by a chunky turquoise necklace so big it makes her head look as if it’s on a platter.

It brings out her eyes”.


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