How quickly we forget

The average attention span of a person is from five to 20 minutes and don’t you think for a moment that our politicians and big business don’t count on that fact every day.

For the last few years congress and far too many writers with articles written in the papers and the ones that are crying in the media, telling us what our president is not doing or doing enough of and he is doing or should be doing in his Iraqi war!

Well people, the Iraqi war is not his, it belongs to George W. Bush, President Obama got stuck with it by winning the election and stuck with it and a republican controlled house and a senate that the republicans keep clogging with stupidity!

911, we knew was caused by American haters in Afghanistan, President Bush had issues with Saddam Hussein and the George H.W, Bushes war (Desert Storm), so he chose to blame Iraqi and started a useless war (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

This country called him out for this foolish move, so he invaded Afghanistan also!

How on earth can people today possibly blame this president and sleep well it night with that lie?

As you can see from this caption, the Mouse and I am not the only ones with enough brains to know this and mouth to scream about it!

Bush broke it

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