School tax dollars going to politically owned Charter school

Paraphrasing our Italian Indian friend Tonto from

“The Lone Ranger movie”.

“I think paleface speak with forked tongue”

The U.S. Census Bureau reported last week that spending on public elementary and secondary schools declined by $5 billion in 2012, the first time since 1977 expenditures have fallen. In almost half of states, spending per pupil fell.

What’s driving the reductions varies from state to state, but it’s not hard to see a pattern. Eight of the 10 jurisdictions with the greatest drops have Republican governors, most of whom have made a big deal out of cutting taxes. Nor are we talking about a slight dip. In those eight states, 2012 per-pupil spending was lower than in 2009 even before accounting for inflation. (You can find the figures in Table 20 of the report.)

As usual, most of our school tax dollars are going to politically owned Charter school and very little to the more used by poor and middle class public schools!

Florida is now next to last in school funding above only Wisconsin.

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