‘Mission Creep’

Obama’s Test:

Try to Avoid ‘Mission Creep’ in Iraq

When people keep asking the same questions over and over again, one has the tendency to answer those questions with the same question, over and over again?

It is still called “insanity” no matter who is asking the question!

Whatever happened to all of those Iraq people that we have been training for over eight years to be able to defend their own country?

Why is it our presidents fault for a war, that he did not start and our people begged him to get out of?

Where are all the rest of the countries from those Iraq wars, are they still fighting in Iraq?

The wars that began in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade were intended to be combat missions from the start. Few people expected at the time that the Iraq war would drag on for more than eight years, the Afghan conflict for more than a dozen years, or that the U.S. troop presence in each country would peak above 100,000.



This photo taken Saturday, June 21, 2014, shows demonstrators protesting outside of the White House in Washington against renewed U.S. involvement in Iraq. In charting a new phase of American military engagement in Iraq on Thursday, President Barack Obama pledged that his war-weary country will not be “dragged back” into a lengthy conflict or become ensnarled in “mission creep.” But recent U.S. military history is full of warning signs about the difficulty of keeping even a limited mission from expanding and extending. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


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