Sharing power is critical

Kerry to Iraq leaders: sharing power is critical

Do as I say, Not as I do!

leaders of Iraq’s factions must keep their commitments to seat a new parliament next week.

The country of Iraq must seat all three political coalitions (Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish) in order for their government to move forward in peace.

Secretary of State John Kerry needs to learn a very basic, first, important, step to peace in a country,

“do as I say, not as I do”

is completely chauvinistic even in politics!

Because his country has been running in natural ever since President Bill Clinton presidency and even then congress ran on only one or two cylinders!

This country and I might add every village, town, city, state and country in the world should be run by an uneven congress (as in 3, 5, 7, 9 and so on)?

Think about this if you well and by no means think that I am dizzy enough to believe that it is a magic potion for the world?

Our congress, Democrats/Republicans only, with this watered down system can never workout for the good of the country,


Because, when one of the two parties is in control, things happen only for the good of the controlling party.

If one party has more seats but not total control, as is the fact now, the other party finds a way to block every move by the controlling party, for the good of the country or not, most of the time not!

In an uneven congress, all parties must cater too, as in give and take in order to get anything passed.


 Photo provided to me by Dr. Rex thank you my friend.

John Crisp: The only sure road out of Iraq leads to early inclusion of Iran

Another brain twisting reporter wants Iran in the deck while trying to bring peace to the area, because both countries would then be run by the Shiites religious group. WHAT?

A one party government is called Communalism (Monarch).

Does the Ayatollah Khomeini ring a bell, or President George W. Bush with the congress controlled by the republican party bring back any memories, like two wars?

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