I am upset with the Democrat’s

Not so pleased with the Independent party either.

I live in Florida and the other parties are getting on my nerves, big time.

You are doing nothing with the money that you keep begging ‘we the people for’ to help, ‘we the people’!

First let’s start on my Independent Party?

The Independent party is the largest political party (group of people) in Florida, as it should be.

If this country was run as our forefathers had planned, we all should be Independent voters, not any of the so-called parties in existence today, really independent.

Independent voters, a little heads up, if we all register in one of the now corrupt parting in order to vote.

At voting time, unite with our ‘write-in choice of candidate’, we change the state the country and the world!

We did this some years ago in Montville Connecticut to put an end to the two-party corrupt system and it worked.

We should never be voting for a political party, because they are all crooked and it is our fault because of the way that we have been brainwashed to vote or not to vote.

However, the largest group of Floridians, as with all of the states, are pleased to brag, Do Not Vote!

Well guess you told them!


If you do not vote, you are not allowed to open your mouths and complain!

However, complain is all that you do and do often, if you do not like the political parties get out and run for office to change the system, or at least vote to change the system?

Now for the Democrat’s,

the party that I registered in just to receive information about Florida as I did up north, still waiting for anything other than pestering for money.

A little less belly aching from you and a lot more doing something about it if you please?

You have allowed this, for lack of any other word, ‘governor’ to overtake the best choice you gave us, by your lackadaisical campaigning and old ads that never worked in the first place!

Floridian Republicans,

if you truly are better off in the pockets, at the gas stations, heating and cooling your homes and business, pleased that your children must, for whatever reason, go to public school and happy seeing all of your tax money going to Charter schools owned in part by your republican politicians, and on and on, keep voting the status quo and stay in this rut forever?

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