Contraceptive Coverage Guarantee

Bible- John, Chapter 8: 7 & 8

Read the last few lines?

Let’s face facts my followers and religious people now (‘For Profit Companies’ are claiming religion, praise the lord, now they are saved)


If this is true we should at least tell is like it is?

This law has very little to do with women, because, ‘For Profit Companies’ could care less about women. It has very little to do with Contraceptive Coverage because,’ For Profit Companies’ could care less about women.

However, ‘For Profit Companies’ believe that they have found a way (Loop Hole) to once again squash women, the poor, the middle class and their work force and get away without giving healthcare to their employees.


‘For Profit Companies’ do have a religion, it is called “FOR PROFIT RELIGION”!

There is no place in a Bible, Quran or Torah that has their god, Great Spirit, Jesus, Jehovah, Mohamed and not even Buddy stating that a raped female, married or not, no matter the age, by a depraved, diseased, maniac must carry this poor child from birth until it dies?

Man , you can’t live without us and must live with us?

Go figure!

U.S. Supreme Court Takes Up Contraceptive Coverage Guarantee

The U.S. Supreme Court today agreed to decide whether the owners of for-profit companies can assert religious objections to deny their employees insurance coverage of contraceptive services and supplies in employer-sponsored health plans. The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) guarantees that most private plans will have contraceptive coverage without cost-sharing for patients. Churches and other houses of worship are exempted from this requirement and an accommodation is in place for religious nonprofit organizations.

Top Catholic Leader Defends Hobby Lobby, Claims Women Can Just Buy Birth Control At 7-11

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the current Archbishop of New York, defends for-profit companies’ right to deny birth control coverage to their workers, an issue that’s at the heart of a pending Supreme Court case. The archbishop argued that the most prominent plaintiff in that suit, Hobby Lobby, should have the right to refuse contraceptive coverage to thousands of its employees based on the owners’ religious beliefs.

Catholic Bible John – Chapter 8: 7 & 8

Jesus said “those without sin cast the first stone”

When an altar boy can feel comfortable around a priest, then and only then can a Cardinal cast his stone!

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