While congress is home eating hot dogs & hamburgers today

The economy is growing, jobs are increasing, even factories are improving, the Dow Jones is happy, so who need congress?

Investors reacted to a better-than-expected jobs report. The government reported surprisingly robust job gains in June, underscoring a recent trend of stronger hiring and healthy manufacturing.

Positive numbers, but politicians hedge their bets


After five months of steady job growth and with unemployment hitting a six-year low, the reaction in Washington Thursday was a collective “Yeah, but …”

Across the political spectrum, liberals and conservatives still found reason to despair and point fingers — a function of election-year politics, been-there-before skepticism and honest perceptions by many Americans that the recovery has yet to improve their lives.

Dow Jones Hits 17,000 For First Time After Strong Jobs Report


Dow hits 17,000




1776, a hub for tech startups


President Barack Obama stands by a painting of “Uncle Sam,” as he meets with workers at 1776, a hub for tech startups, Thursday, July 3, 2014, in Washington, where he spoke. The president said job growth in June shows the recovery is taking hold, but the economy could still do better, he also urged Congress to work with him to help create more jobs. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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