US is taxing our companies out of this country

How do we get companies, factories and manufacturing back into this country when the Big Business Politicians are taxing so as to be able to outsource overseas?

This is what happens when, ‘we the taxpayers’ sleep walk and end up with CEO’s of companies as our leaders.

A one party system!

Walgreen hints at overseas move, draws criticism

Walgreen is considering a so-called corporate tax inversion, in which an American company is able to incorporate abroad by acquiring a foreign company.

The nation’s largest drugstore chain is considering a move that would allow it to significantly cut its tax bill and increase profits.

Walgreen would accomplish an inversion by completing its purchase, which is expected to happen in early 2015, of Switzerland-based Alliance Boots and moving its corporate home to Europe’s largest pharmacy chain.

Silicon Valley Tech Startups Find a Second Home in Ireland

Trailing the trans-Atlantic moves of Apple, Intel, Google and Facebook, fledgling Silicon Valley tech startups are opening offices in Ireland.

But Ireland’s famously low corporate tax isn’t the primary draw for startups — unlike their predecessors — because U.S.-based companies are taxed on their profits, which startups generally do not have. These startups are setting up their first overseas offices hoping the booming tech city of Dublin will become their launch pad to global success.

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