Is history still taught in school?


This is not necessarily a Native American thing although many of my native brothers did die in the conflict however, it is something that I observed first hand and one would guess that Steve Luche did not, or he missed history class in every school year, or it is no longer mandatory or he is living on the moon?

Steve, the Vietnam conflict was never popular (only our government now gave us their permission to call it a war, it was never a war), if not for the draft, not many would have joined, myself included and in 1963 on my way from the train station to visit my dying mother in the hospital, a few rocks to the head proves this, never did get to visit mom, I was in the hospital longer then she was.

The reason why it should never be called a war, we should not have had hands and legs tied and been allowed to fight from border to border until Communist China stopped their fighting from border to border, who ever heard of a war were you could only fight in half a battle? Right Korea, China once again.

Operation Desert Storm, again politicians stopped our advance into Iraqi before we found the then President Saddam Hussein to end the battle, no need for Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Only our politicians and oil, gas and companies making war machines would call them a popular war.

We have spent years in this country because of lies told to us by our then leaders, fighting for them, with them and teaching them how to fight for themselves, only to be ordered out of their country, why should we go back?

We helped Germany, Japan and Italy rid themselves of monsters by finishing the war, now we are all good friends.

The Iraqi people still hate us!

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