Jobs, Government, Economy

My healthcare coverage was before them all.

Jobs, Government, and Economy Remain Top U.S. Problems

Democrats are most likely to name jobs or unemployment as the country’s most important problem.

Republicans’ top response is the economy more generally.

Simple answer,

Most Republican are of the top 20% group.

Democrats are mostly the rest of the groups.

Yes, there are rich Democrats.

Yes, there are poor and middle-class Republicans.

Yes, the other political parties are somewhere in-between, no one really knows because one might guess they want it to be that way?

You know the parties that I am talking about?

They are the ones you will find everywhere except a party headquarters or a voting booth, complaining about everyone and everything.

Fact is, after President Reagan destroyed unions as we knew them and allowed the start of shipping our work overseas, unemployment and jobs crashed and are having a problem coming back.

Before Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare, Bill and Hilary’s attempt to get the people healthcare and President Obama cares (Obamacare), I was covered for everything from a stubbed toe to heart surgery.


It is called the TEAMSTERS UNION!

Democrats, Republicans, and independents are about equally likely to cite dissatisfaction with government.

The federal budget deficit is a much larger concern among Republicans (16%) than among independents (7%) and Democrats (3%).

Standing Together


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