Christianity and the Native American Religious Experience

Another book about New England Native Americans by a White College professor and a Missionary Family out to save the heathens.

Price of the book $31.35

Lennox Letters Chronicles of a Missionary Family’s Journey

July 11, 2014 by Patrick Lennox


Christianity and the Native American Religious Experience

If there was ever one video I would have Christians watch when considering Native American ministry today, it is this one. Let us not be comfortable with our ideas and opinions until we have them challenged and informed. This short video provides a quick overview of Native American and Christian relations in early America.

Well Mr. Lennox, if Linford Fisher’s book is so great why can’t I watch the video on You tube?

About the speaker

Linford Fisher is assistant professor at Brown University. He graduated from Lancaster Bible College in 1999 and received masters degrees in religion and church history from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2002. Fisher completed his doctorate in American religious history at Harvard in 2008.

The topic of his dissertation—how the 18th-century religious “awakening” in New England impacted Native Americans—is also the subject of his first book, The Indian Great Awakening: Religion and the Shaping of Native Cultures in Early America.

Price of this book

After writing this posting I have decided to hunt for a book writer willing to learn about the real people from the area and help writing some books?

I’ll take about 1% of the net with a guarantee, in writing, to use it to feed the lost tribes from our area and to just be able to get the truth out to the world, the rest is yours.

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