House GOP Prepares Response to Border Crisis

House Republicans announced Tuesday they will recommend dispatching the National Guard to South Texas and speeding Central American youths back home as their response to the immigration crisis that’s engulfing the border and testing Washington’s ability to respond.

The National Guard?

Maybe, where will the guard live while walking their post?

Speeding Central American youths back home?

Hold on for a moment please?

Although this country cannot worry about brutal gangs in places like Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, we do need to care a little for those children, at least enough to send them home clothed, fed and as health as possible?

The recommendations, to come from a working group established by House Speaker John Boehner.

With Democrats and the White House under growing pressure from immigration advocates to hold firm against the GOP approach, a solution for the growing crisis of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children showing up at the U.S.-Mexico border is looking increasingly elusive with three weeks left before Congress leaves Washington for an annual August recess.

This country cannot worry about Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala brutal gangs, we are not the baby sitters of the world.

O.K. you have Texas with the National Guard, what about Arizona, California and New Mexico?

Then we must wonder how long before they start crossing the Gulf of Mexico and what to do about Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida?

This is a reason why I wrote in an earlier posting to bring our military home.

Again, we are not the baby sitters of the world, our military can then complete their tour of duty along our border as long as we can provide quarters for them all?

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