Legislature asks judge to delay new map.

“Republican Legislature asks judge to delay new map.”

Why delay?

We already know that you are going to still cheat, steal and manipulate everything and anything just to be able to stay in power so as to keep milking the citizens of this state and the country!

Lawyers for the Florida Legislature and the state’s election supervisors have asked a judge to delay any changes to the state’s congressional districts until after the November elections.

Shouldn’t this read

“Republican Lawyers for the Florida Legislature and the Republican state’s election supervisors “?

Judge Terry Lewis held a hearing Thursday to consider which steps to take now since ruling that the current map is unconstitutional. Republican legislative leaders announced this week that they do not plan to appeal the ruling.


Redrawing political boundaries was a lot more honest when they could cheat openly.

Reapportionment sessions used to be the only times legislators freely admitted they were doing it for themselves, or for their parties.

Ask legislators why they put an amendment on an education bill, a transportation budget, a crime package or an environmental law, and they’d say it’s for the children, the elderly, the economy, maybe even the manatee. Not so with redistricting. Why do I want to move a line from here to there? Because I can’t get re-elected if we don’t, that’s why.


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