Environmental concerns re-route pipeline in Sumter

Here we go again friends/followers.

No matter how you look at it, it will be destroying many places and things while running close to many people.

Natural gas is not alternative fuel any more than coal and oil, it comes out of the ground after billions of years fermenting, before this it was layers of buried plants, gases, and animals.

When the pipeline has leaks and they always do, it can kill from smelling, flames and/or explosions.

When you burn it, it pollutes you, the air and everything around it just like coal and oil!

It is more dangerous than coal and oil, if there is such a thing, only because it will be under tremendous pressure while traveling through the piping that they want to force on us!

More challenges lay ahead for proposed natural gas pipeline


Dump the pipeline and just go Green?


I just push alternative energy I do not sell it, so I have nothing to gain except your friendship my friends.

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