Outsource alternative fuel

Welcome Los Angeles California


Looking for

Outsource alternative fuel

Unfortunately you ended up on two sites not about outsourcing alternative energy even though both are true.

Tripod Builder is now embarrassingly foolish while being useless and the new Memphis center is useless in controlling 100 Nuclear Plants, the posting are of little help in your quest for knowledge about outsourcing alternative energy.

My idea, and it has been my idea for over 50 year, is something like what Canada is doing to its neighbor with its polluted Keystone pipeline as their plan to sell that caustic garbage over in the Middle East!

Only we in this country wish to help not pollute our neighbors!

I would like, for instance over in your area, to saturate a desert with Solar Panel’s and Wind Generators, enough to power all of California and also sell to your neighbors?


No polluting caustic garbage, good clean energy.

Over on the East coast, ocean generators.


Tripod is an outsourced junk company!

Like everything else in this world, as soon as their company was sold and outsourced out of the United States their product dropped to junk status! I would say that about 75% of the people coming to my blogger postings are from people all over the world looking for a way to dumb their tripod sites, both free and paid sites! This is real sad, because it use to be one of the, if not the top website builder in the world. Now it is just junk and a bad foreign company’s way to make money from advertising!


100 Nuclear Reactors in this country?


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