Three things that politicians do not need

Who are you going to vote for?

Medicare’s health looking better in spite of no help from your federal government house of representatives?

In fact, the house has been working day and night to find ways to destroy what they are calling Obamacare, the public has re-names, Obama Cares.

The (Tea Party) Republican Party faulty took over our Federal House of Representatives and gain members in our Federal Senate by bombarding the people with a known lie about the new Healthcare reform program while blaming our president, well the healthcare program is working without the help of the Tea Party and their puppets, our president has also offered a working economic stimulus package that is working, pulled us our for the two wars, helped to save the auto industry, repealed “don’t ask, Don’t tell”, improved our image with our neighbors and abroad while the republican congress is still trying to abolish the healthcare reform program and impeach the president?

Medicare hospital fund to last 4 years longer.

Good health report for Medicare:

Three things that politicians do not need, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

However, politicians have been robbing from Social Security for many, many years to put into their pet projects, have been milking Medicare, without improving it and crushing Medicaid, why?

Medicare should be OK until 2030; Social Security safe until 2034.

Social Security safe until 2034 without any help from congress.

Our seniors worked hard while putting money into Social Security in order to retire in a little comfort while our politicians have been refusing to stop stealing from it and refusing to improve its outcome, only our president and his staff are helping our senior’s, poor, middle-class and our small business owners, while big business is ships their tax companies overseas!

So, my friends and followers, while thinking about if you fit into any of the above work brackets, who are you going to vote for?

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