House OKs a bill, well sort of!

No kidding the humans, well sort of, in the House of Representatives are still alive, Well sort of!

Yes, they are still a very large group of ‘shrooms’ (hallucinogen mushroom) but they are alive, well sort of!

House OKs bill to address border crisis–politics.html

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio defends the GOP Pink Slime movement behind the countries back

during a brief news conference recently.


It looks like the speaker was one of those vacationing Florida hunters, some of them is rubbing off on him, as if he needs any help!

Even in Florida this has to be illegal?

the House of Representatives

A group of Tin Men still looking for the Wizard of OZ!

The moves in the House came on what was to have been the first day of lawmakers’ five-week summer recess, delayed by GOP leaders after their vote plans unexpectedly collapsed on Thursday. Senators had already left Washington after killing their own legislation on the border crisis, so there was no prospect of reaching a final deal. But three months before midterm elections, House Republicans were determined to show that they, at least, could take action to address the crisis involving tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors fleeing violence and poverty in Central America to cross illegally into South Texas.

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