Rick Scott, “if elected will spend 500 million on spring restoration”— RIGHT!

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is pledging to spend hundreds of millions on environmental programs if he’s re-elected to a second term.

Florida’s governor Rick Scott, “if elected will spend 500 million on spring restoration”?


$500 million on water supplies?

Governor, or should I be saying, soon to be Ex-governor, you have had four years of taking, why should we believe that the next four years will change anything?

I have a few ideas for our governor, “how about giving some back, dumping the St Johns River Management District Committee and sending at least a few, money hungry friends, likes of Niagara bottling company, packing”?

The Republican incumbent vows to dedicate $500 million to springs restoration over the next 10 years as well as $500 million to help create alternative water supplies.


How in the world can anyone look into those eye’s and not fear for the state of Florida?


Scott also plans to promise to spend $150 million a year for Florida Forever, the state’s environmental and conservation land-buying programs.

The governor is also pledging to crack down on polluters during a second term by increasing the fines that can be assessed against “bad actors” who violate permit terms.

Several of the “Let’s Keep Florida Beautiful” proposals Scott plans to announce represent a marked turn-around from his 2010 campaign when he pledged to slash government spending and tear away regulations that he said were harming the state’s economy.


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