Your Bucket has a hole in it

After years of controversy, Brown’s district still in the spotlight.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown statement is leaking real bad as lately or at least for the past 15 years,

“the reason for her district’s winding path from Jacksonville to Orlando is a matter of history.”

“The enclaves of black voters, who form a majority of the Congressional District 5 approved by the Legislature in 2012, took shape in the wake of the Civil War.

Newly freed African-Americans took up residence next to the St. Johns River.”

“Because the land was prone to flooding, it was only natural that the poorest Floridians, including freed slaves, would settle there,”

Many of your constituents do not live on the shores of the St. Johns River?

While it is true that one of my ancestors helped, fell in love with and married a runaway slave, this happened while the underground railroad traveled up into and through Uncasvillage Connecticut.

Now thousands of people, myself included, live in district 5 and never have met you or a representative from your office, the only return call for a question is a blanket tape recording about nothing in particular.

That now off my chest, the only alternative is to end up with another Floridian Tea Party Republican and I am sure that is not a welcome answer!

What do we the voters do?

Good question, what do we do?

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