There is such a thing as low life

Stafford Jones

Once a cheater always a cheater

There is such a thing as low life

Only how low can one go before crawling back under the dirty rock they came from?

Whose voice is on that anti-Charlie Crist, robo call?

It’s Charlie Crist’s

Or is it?

This appears to the connected to a political committee run by Stafford Jones, a Republican operative and Alachua party chairman, who enjoys making mischief in Democratic primaries.


The recording itself is indeed Charlie Crist from 2006, when he was campaigning against fellow Republican Tom Gallagher for the gubernatorial nomination.

Voters across Florida heard a mysterious robo call over the weekend that seemed to aimed at attacking likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist.

“It had someone who sounded like Charlie Crist, saying, ‘… I stand for traditional marriage, I’m prolife, I’m against amnesty for illegal immigrants,'” said one caller on our voice mail. “That seemed clearly like fraud.”

On a website tracking unwanted callers, “gd” wrote: “just received a call with edited snippets of Charlie Crist or some voice imitater designed to make him appear conservative. Despicable conservative GOP tricks; would not expect any better from Gov Scott the Medicare rippoff felon.”

Despicable? Actually, the only thing nefarious about the call is its source, which is kept from anyone receiving the call.

A woman at the end of the recording saying it was paid for by

“The Conservative” and includes a phone number — (727) 350-9348

when reached gives calls the option of being removed from a call list.

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