A question for my Christian Followers, if you are willing?

The bottom line question is at the bottom of this posting.

As you must know, this question is in no way a judgment question, only a need to know.

What is this Christian Holy Roller all about?

I am not sure how many of my Sachem Speaks followers are following Shechaim Ohjieshans word of the day and this is not important or any of my business, only I have a question that has been sticking in my mind for some time now.

As you, my followers, know I have been a real nosey person just about all of my life, as I am sure my elders would attest to readily, I know that I drove each of them nuts many, many, times, talk about patience with children?


I was talking with a couple of “Christians” some time ago and as the conversation turned to church goers, the words “Holy Rollers” came up time and time again, never in good words?

Not being able to get any reason why because not one of them cared to explain, I turned to ‘Preacher Google’ for an answer, not so sure of those answers either and this is why.

I say ‘Preacher Google’ now because when talking to doctors and saying “I Goggled it” doctors and anyone in their office say “Oh yes, Doctor Google again!”

I say tough, we the people need answers and many cannot spend a $100.00 on a visit each time we need to find out!

This is what I find on the internet

Holy Roller is a term in American English used to describe Pentecostal Christian churchgoers. It can be more broadly used to describe anyone with outspoken or deeply held religious beliefs, usually Christian.

Merriam-Webster traces the word to 1841. The term is commonly used derisively, as if to describe people literally rolling on the floor or speaking in tongues in an uncontrolled manner.


However, I also find many scripture’s it the Christian bible saying “Rejoice in the Lord”!

Not defined as to how and maybe it should not matter?

Isn’t the Lord a name for God?

Philippians 3:1

Philippians 4:4

1 Thessalonians 5:16

Nehemiah 8:10 ESV

Psalm 40:16 NIV 16

Psalm 97

Just to name a few.

I do know this, our people feast, dance and sing many times at our monthly meetings and ceremonies, it is an important part of our culture, so I have no idea why “Feeling good” while praising Kiehtan (Creator God) can be anything but a good thing?

The bottom line question, “so I should not talk about certain thing when comparing cultures”?

If so, how do we ever truly get to know and understand one another?

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6 thoughts on “A question for my Christian Followers, if you are willing?

  1. Comparing cultures, and religious cultures, is truly important, (IMHO) in order to understand more about the God we believe in, regardless of religion. I’ve found that only God is good. If I truly believe that there is one source of good, then I must recognize that the good in anyone is from that same source. As I’ve walked in this understanding for over 3 decades, names and religious labels have become less important to me. I barely think of them unless someone tries shoving their doctrines down my throat as being the only “true” religion.

    • Good morning and thank you Xena
      I agree my friend
      One must be very careful when talking religion with another today only because so many people just want you to join their church “The only way to GOD”! Then give, give, give!
      Religion is “Obeying your GOD” I believe?

      • Sachem,
        HA! Religion today is having a laundry list of doctrines interpreted by man to receive the approval of man. It is a far cry from spirituality and having a relationship with the Creator. If everyone believed in a Creator of love, then they would obey the laws of love and we wouldn’t need so many religions to tell mankind how to live to obey God, IMHO.

  2. That’s my belief, FEAR (LOVE) Creator (GOD)! 🙂

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