Why would anyone want to be the president of the USA

There is not enough money or anything else for this matter that would entice me to even have a nightmare about being president!

As the first African-American, some call him Black and much more, no matter how hard he and/or his family try people will be calling it wrong!

Now I see that even some of his die-hard supporters are turning on him for, of all things, not going to Ferguson, Montana and do what. who knows?

If he takes the side of one mob the other mob will hate him, another lose, lose, situation, for a great president trying to stabilize the world with little or no help!

Shame on all of you turn coats, may you all find Karma in your future!

I expect stupid statement like the Fox news latest interview with Mike Huckabee on ISIS talking out of both sides of his mouth through-out the interview, never from his friends?

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3 thoughts on “Why would anyone want to be the president of the USA

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  2. I don’t know why anyone would want to be president either. When President Obama was elected I had so much hope that the country was ready. It saddens me the hatred and bigotry he has had to endure.

    • Espirational
      It happens every time you have a jealous congress on the other side!
      People tend to forget our Social Studies history of this government and forget, sometimes conveniently, the power of our congress?
      That and one must not forget our colors?
      The media is filled with people wanting the president to do the job that congress refuses to do, then they cry foul when he tries to work around them?

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