James Featherston’s “lame excuse of the budget”

The above is James words not mine!

James Featherston’s lame excuse of the budget

I’m going to try to help this senior citizen that seems to be having a problem with memory,

at least about his school teachings in US History?

Before we get to the why is our president cleaning and clearing the military,

let’s get right to the lame excuse of the budget?


James, you are right in that the Federal and our state budget for that matter, is a shame and in shambles, problem we have James, is that the president does not control the federal budget, congress, your republicans do!

The president is the head of the executive branch of the government, which includes many departments and agencies, it is a combination of the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch. Most of it is organized by the Executive Branch. The Legislative Branch approves it or makes changes.

Three Branches of Government

Legislative Branch The legislative branch is made up of the two houses of Congress—the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Executive Branch The President.

Judicial Branch The judicial branch oversees the court system of the U.S.


So, the president with the help of the vice-president and also the cabinet, made up of the heads of 15 major departments of the government.

Now James, this budget must go to congress for approval and/or changes and then back to the president, therein lies the Rub James, because as you know we have a “do nothing and blame it on the president, Congress”!

So, the budget just sits in or bounces around in the senate and the house of representatives.

There are a few things that past congress has made possible to do ‘how be it slowly’ without the help of congress and one of those few things is streamline our overstuffed military!

James, I do not know if you were ever in the military, I was, I am here to tell you that there is a lot of freeloaders just collecting a paycheck from your taxes.

Again James, the inept body you speak of are all in the Legislative Branch and they approve or disapprove monies to other countries and just about anything else for your tax money?

Bottom line James, get your republican congress working or dump them for a smoother working country!


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2 thoughts on “James Featherston’s “lame excuse of the budget”

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