Your Mother Knows Best


Its official even Mother Earth Loves our President and the work that he is doing for her, (Earth), the country and the people of this world, without the help of the ‘DO NOTHING CONGRESS’!

Never argue with your mother!

Breathtaking double rainbow forms above Obama’s Marine One as helicopter waits for arrival of president at air base

•Double rainbow pictured during a break in the rain on east coast yesterday

•Colorful illusion appeared in the sky above Marine One in Maryland

•Helicopter waiting for arrival of Barack Obama at Andrews Air Force Base

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3 thoughts on “Your Mother Knows Best

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  2. Mother and all our relatives are the most wonderful aspects of living.

    I have seen many rainbows in my life and they are always good and speak of good things.

    I remember the night I sat beside our river here with the dark blanket of sky and stars above and the pale moon glistening through the trees.

    I love to sit beside the river at night in summer and feel the breezes and hear the songs of things that cannot always be seen with eyes.

    Sometimes the breezes remind me of Spirit Breath and they caress me and I love it.

    Anyway one night I remember is when I was sitting there playing a flute and a bunch of owls started congregating in the trees above.

    I would blow on the flute and the owls would hoot and it seemed to me they were sharing in the music while making some of their own.

    It was one of those truly magical moments.

  3. John
    Thanks for the comment.
    This is the only reason why I live in this part of Florida, in spite of the political (corrupt) system.
    Mother Nature and all of her children (animals).
    Every morning while getting the paper I can hear two owls chatting, one in the east, one in the west side of the house, they seem to enjoy my butting in while walking around the house enjoying the stars.
    All the little bug eaters are out walking also, so this clumsy human must keep remembering to watch were I walk.

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