What makes you think that you are my type?

LGBT in sports.

My two cents, hoping for understanding.

What in the world is wrong with people?

People wonder how a gay person can be in a shower, with a room full of football players?

Shechaim Ohjieshan’s Story Time!

Lets back up a few years, O.K. we need a lot of years, back in my navy day’s.

My first encounter with a gay person was on my first ship.

Know this now, we became great friends.

Where talking about the 1960’s, I cannot believe that people are still in the 60’s mindset even today?

He started out in 1st division and the men started from day one playing all kinds of tricks on him and more.

One day while at sea about half way to Scotland our captain held an onboard meeting of all hands, all that were not on duty, I was the physical-Ed instructor so I was on the upper deck bridge with the officers.

The captain said a few words then introduced this person, no name please, not necessary, to speak.

He stood there scanning the crew for the longest time, then he said, “What makes any of your think that you are good enough to be my kind of friend” turned and walked away followed by our captain and the officers, leaving me up there alone?

I scanned the crew, while they were still at attention and also walked away without dismissing them, you see until that time I did not know him or what was going on up forward.

One hour later the captain dismissed the crew!

Today ships have men and women and I might add gays onboard, so what?

Today women play football and so do gays, so what?

That day I shook his hand and thanked him for being a brave grown up man, the captain transferred him to my 2nd division and he and the crew worked good on ship and enjoyed liberty without another problem.

Michael Sam may get picked up by Dallas Cowboys


Maybe Sam is not a good enough football player?

Well, we are all going to get the chance to find out soon.

If I was a St. Louis Rams player, I would be hoping that the team never has to play his team!

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2 thoughts on “What makes you think that you are my type?

  1. Mr. Walkingfox, sir an excellent post with an even greater life lesson. Lesson aside, I’m a lifelong football fan and even though I no longer teach at a university in the SEC, I asked a number of my former students who did play college football in the conference about Michael Sam. To a man not a single former player expressed any concerns about a gay teammate. Just like every other person on the team, outside of football they only wanted a teammate to remain eligible by maintaining their grades and showing respect for the school, team, and community. With Michael Sam one former player in whom I have tremendous respect for his knowledge of the game assessed the situation in the way I feel it is most relevant. Michael Sam had a breakout season at Missouri and was a great college player that year. To succeed in the NFL, Sam will have to overcome an obstacle that my student could not in his brief career. My student believes that Sam, just like himself a few years back, is too small for his natural position (in Sam’s case Defensive End) and too slow to transition to a linebacker or to be great on special teams. As he said the Rams have one of the deepest defensive lines, so there is no shame in not making that team even with Sam’s good preseason statistics. In the right scheme, however, Sam could become a valuable situational pass rusher. He certainly has the work ethic and heart to excel based on his improvement over the course of his college career. I can say that if my Saints played a 4/3 base defense, I would have loved for them pick up a player like Sam for their practice squad because I believe that he could ultimately contribute on the main roster.

    • Well put as usual my friend, I do not have a lot of time to follow the game, people keep me busy, (Retired and all)?
      In Junior high and high school I player many positions on the team because as a native American I loved to run, as in cross country, I pushed the coaches for Tight-end and enjoyed the battles, ask my body today.
      5’11 129 Lbs, never made it past high school? 🙂
      Didn’t have to be smart in those days.

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