Mixed-race baby

As I have stated at least once before, not that there is anything wrong with it, I do not make it a habit to read things like Dear Abby, far too busy with other things on my list.

However this was in big print caught my eyes and needs attention, I believe?

Today, if anyone, family or not, can still get hung up with “Mixed Breed Babies” there is no hope for change in that person, so go live your life in peace and be happy for a healthy baby.

Mixed-race baby would be a surprise but not an outcast.


I am five months pregnant with my second child and engaged to a wonderful man, “Tony.”

We get along well with my ex-husband with whom I share custody of my first child.

But problems may arise when the baby is born.

I had a night of sex with a friend who is of a different race.

Tony knows about it and the possibility that the baby will be mixed.

He feels strongly that he will help me raise the child as his own.

My family knows nothing about this, nor does my ex.

How should I handle the possible backlash and confusion if this child is, indeed, the product of my one-night stand?



Say nothing prematurely. If your baby turns out to be mixed race, deal with it matter-of-factly. While there may be confusion, all you have to do is say that you and Tony plan to raise this child together in a loving family. If they wish to participate, they are welcome. If not, make it clear that you will do it without their help.

Your baby will not be alone. According to the Census Bureau, the population of mixed-race Americans grew 32 percent from 2000 to 2010.

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