Strategy Bush vs. Obama

I cannot believe that this country with every person in it studying our history all through schooling would allow a rating poll, a hint from any media ( NBC/WSJ poll at that), The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll, about a presidents, economy , foreign affairs or anything else while also knowing that he cannot get a thing passed through this


Remember that GW had both houses of congress working with him.

As a matter of fact both bushes did.

And they both got it wrong.

President Obama’s ratings are in the tank, according to the media in Florida, basically because he was very careful not to give away plans against the ISIS.

George W Bush Strategy in the Iraq war?

Right, no one outside of the office knew anything about that presidents plans (LIES) for an Iraq or Afghanistan War, did the media ever take a rating poll?

So what did a survey say?

Did he rate poorly with the public?

I guess poll ratings, good or bad, will depend of which party is in office?

Vacations Bush vs. Obama

George W. Bush took more vacation days than Barack Obama.

Before his two-week trip to Martha’s Vineyard in August, Obama’s count was 125 full or partial days and Bush’s total at the same point in his presidency was 407.


Never mind that would be hitting below the belt, poor bush.

Remember that GW had both houses of congress working with him.

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