Arab Allies Pledge to Fight Islamic State Group

I couldn’t find anything about this from NBC, CBS or that Joke Media Fox, guessing they couldn’t find any way to blame this on our president, in fact, they would have to congratulate him and that will never do.

you see, unlike the federal and our state congress, Arab countries are helping this country instead of dropping an anchor every time our president, President Barack Obama, tries to improve the country.

I love saying this because it is like a sticks in the heart of our congress when we do, think I will say it again?

Congratulation President Barack Obama, the president of this the United States of America. 🙂

See how smooth things work when we work together?

Both Republicans and Democrats in Congress lined up Thursday behind President Barack Obama’s call to combat the militants, a day after he laid out a long-term campaign that would include expanding airstrikes against the fighters in Iraq, launching strikes against them in Syria for the first time and bolstering the Iraqi military and moderate Syrian rebels to allow them to reclaim territory from the militants.

See how smooth things work when we work together?

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