Democrats, President, Republicans are in agreement

Yes, it is history in the making.

Why not you?

Even the dumbest of the dumb will sooner or later hear the words

“I will do the best that our countries laws allow without help from congress”?

This means

“It is against the laws of this country to do more then what our president is doing without congress”

It is so tiring to read how ill advised, or is it planned ignorance, to totally ignore the laws of the land, set up by congress, just to write foolish statement that come to my reader?

Why President Obama’s ISIS Strategy Is Just Another Form of ‘Regime Change’

This Time in Syria Watching the President’s speech last night, I was interested in hearing if he was going to offer anything new when it comes to countering the influence of ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham) and what if anything the United States should do to combat this extremism.

It became rather clear to me early on though that the country is being led into yet another attempt to bring “regime change” to another sovereign nation.

News Flash People.

ISIS in not a nation or a country, Isis is an out of controlled group of infectious cancer and today even the republican party realized this and came out of their hole to back their president in removing this infectious disease from the earth.

What is it that you do not understand, shouldn’t you be contacting a kindergarten teacher for more of your schooling about social studies for our country?

Do they have schools where you come from?

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