Eyeing 2016, Sen. Rubio stresses border security

What’s good for Florida president hopeful should be good for Florida governor hopeful?

Florida Republicans are saying, “Charlie Crist is changing his mind”!

Me a Florida Voter has been saying for many years, “Marco Rubio is changing his mind,


For years my oldest son, ‘rest his beautiful soul, work accident,’ would change his mind while growing up as to his favorite baseball and football team to who ever is winning at the time, drove me nuts.

He was just a normal boy growing up.

Politician Rubio has been a mind changer, I’m using the word mind knowing that this is an oxymoron, since the first day the republicans took off his diaper!

Well, Marco Rubio is at it once again while breaking another long time supporters heart?

Of course this heart belongs to a Florida Woman!

Read about it and weep.

The potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate has abandoned the sweeping bill he helped write and is calling for an end to the Obama administration program that lets Pacheco stay in America.

Two years ago, immigration activist Gaby Pacheco got a call from Marco Rubio.

The Florida senator wanted advice as he tried to develop a plan to help people like her:

Immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children.

Now, Pacheco is aghast that Rubio is taking a harder line on illegal immigration.


Remember, as the Florida house leader, he had the best chance ever to help Florida women finely get the ERA, (Equal Rights Amendment) passed in Florida, he stated in public,

“I had many more important things to do at the time”?

Remember, “I didn’t mean to use the parties credit card for personal reasons and I did pay them back, after it was discovered”?

Remember this?

“I did not have sex with that women”

I did not know anything about Watergate”

and the biggie causing two unnecessary wars.

“We discovered Nuclear war machinery in Iraqi”

Marco Rubio goes to the highest bidder as always.

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2 thoughts on “Eyeing 2016, Sen. Rubio stresses border security

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    • OrlandoChris
      Well Orlando Chris
      I am not sure about your leak however.
      As I have stated before, both parties are as crooked as the Mississippi river.
      The last time might have been when Nan Rich was running how be it too late, we need to start some place and at this late time Charlie Crist is by a million times, the lesser of two evils and did do a descent job last time around as far as politicians go.
      After we get this two timing, crooked, sleaze bag, out of office, “WE ALL” must work together from day one, myself pleasingly included, to get to know Nan and/or Wyllie and push her or him, hard into office.
      If the Republican party could have had Crist OBAY THEM, he, instead of Rubio would be our state senator.
      Charlie would not, so they dumped him for a better two timing, crooked, sleaze bag!
      As I also stated about Nan, any vote for Wyllie is a vote for Rick Scott and I will NEVER do that.
      Are you a worker for this Wyllie?

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