NFL, your Loss is a Gain for the World

All of the sports life of quarterback Tim Tebow has been met with hate and contentment, why?

Because, in everything Mr. Tim Tebow does he puts the praise and credit in the only place it should be.

On the loving shoulders of his GOD, known to him and billions around the world as Jesus Christ.

The last thing this man or his family would ever do is brag or show off, knelling in thanks is known worldwide as an acceptable form of prayer (Respect) in many religious groups, exception, non-believers (Atheist), to this religious group of people it is a sin to their gods!

For this reason people like the Tebow family are made to suffer at the hand of greed and dismast, I am proud to announce that people like the Tebow family will get the last laugh!

While some would likely say Tebow’s biggest enemy is the media, and others might say it is his own play on the football field, others, like Bayless, have expressed their concern that his constant willingness to help churches, hospitals and other organizations could be to his detriment.

In addition to working with his own Tim Tebow Foundation

and its

“Wish 15”

program, he has also drawn tens of thousands of people to churches across the U.S. by speaking at them.

“Football will build his platform from which he can witness for God,” said Bayless, “but I fear he’ll get pulled in too many directions by too many groups.”

Patrick Dennis “Pat” Bowlen if your crony, John Elway had picked up the players that he picked up for Paton Manning, no disrespect to Mr. Manning intended we love the Manning family also, instead of taking all good players away from Tim, after Payton retires Tim would jump right into his shoes.

Payton has the arm and experience, Tim has the body and the heart to drive.

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