Not much time in reader

I could not spend much time in my reader yesterday, so if I missed a post or two I apologize.

I had a 6 month check up on my Defibrillator in the middle of the day and I stew over the trip for the complete day, I hate 436, I know I said it before.

One thing that, I guess, will never change, someone is going to ask the dreaded question, “Do you take a blood thinner”?

My answer is always going to end up in a battle,

“YES, NO, it is not RAT POISON”!

I have been taking 81mg Aspirin since 1993 and each visit is the same, OK.

After it becomes clear to all concerned I ask once again, “Please make a note in my records, “No rat poison.”

This time I said to both, Shouldn’t you have checked my record before you call me into your office”?

If you had, I would not be so worked up now.

End of subject.

The last visit, with an appointment took over 3 hours in the V.A. waiting room to be seem, a little birdie told me that, because the VA pays so little it is hard to find an outside contractor let a pacer checker to spent a day at the hospital?

This trip I guess I left at the right time and the appointment was also at the right time because it was a smooth trip, 436 will always be 436 however, even this time it worked out?

Coumadin and everything else sold for blood thinners is made from rat poison and until companies can make a profit making something safer, it will always be, rat poison.

Coumadin and all blood thinners is made from warfarin, rat poison.

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