John Boehner is wrong, again

John Boehner is wrong, again

look, it’s a miracle, somebody found a working member of the Congress of the United States of America and he’s awake!

Well at least for a few minutes anyway?

Of course he is still in the dark on military matters, this group of “Do Nothing Politicians” would like nothing better than for our country to put “Boots on the Ground ” again.

Not because any one of them cares or wants to help ‘we the human race’, but to pin something, anything on out president.

John Boehner like his grandfather John McCain, needs to retire and let someone from this century lead congress?

Boehner: destroying ISIS will take more than Air Strikes

John Boehner Believe American Boots on Ground Needed to Defeat the Islamic State?

I’d like to know how John Boehner thinks we’re supposed to pay for any of this after he keeps insisting that we’re broke. If Boehner really wants to send in enough troops to occupy both Iraq and Syria, why isn’t he calling for a draft? And a war tax to pay for all of this?

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